Expand with confidence

Blueprint makes it easy for tech companies to grow regionally by providing an end-to-end solution.

Blueprint spaces are optimized to promote the highest level of collaboration and cross-functional alignment – comparable or even superior to your company headquarters.  Whether your focus is simply to extend the reach of your sales team, increase support staffing, or augment your engineering teams, Blueprint has workspaces and a range of amenities that can meet your every need – now and into the future.

  • Site selection services
  • Space configuration
  • Conference rooms & amenities
  • Real estate management

Blueprint talent acquisition services are deep and extensive.  We will find entry-level staffing, senior hires, or any mix of individual contributors and management, using a multi-faceted approach to sourcing through university relations and our network of recruiting partners.  In addition, Blueprint will help you refine your overall hiring process to ensure consistent results and outstanding retention rates.   Every candidate will be vetted for the desired mix of hard and soft skills to meet your business goals and strengthen your company culture in your expansion office.

  • Job Description Refinement
  • Interviewing Frameworks
  • Candidate Experience Design
  • Talent Recruitment
  • Interview Skills Training

Regional growth requires more than an office space to accommodate your remote team.  Blueprint offers comprehensive HR, Legal and IT services to ensure that you have everything you need to enable thoughtful scale and make your new hires and transplants feel supported from day 1.  We deliver core infrastructure in place early to mitigate risk and ensure compliance, provide on the ground support for any immediate needs, and help craft policy frameworks and training materials to uplevel your organization.

  • Benefit Reviews
  • Offer Letters & Employee Contracts
  • Ongoing Network Support

Many organization look to expansion for a cutting edge in their go-to-market initiatives.  Blueprint offers extensive enablement and training services to ensure that your remote office is ready to support your expansion charter as quickly as possible.  Reduce ramp time and achieve consistent results faster.  Ensure your remote hires achieve goals as quickly as possible with Blueprint comprehensive enablement services.

  • Sales & SDR/BDR on-boarding programs
  • Assistance with training frameworks
  • Sales & CS methodology refinements
  • Mentorship Programs

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