Finding new office space can be hard enough.

Lean on Blueprint for your end-to-end solution to expand and stabilize your operations regionally.

What We Do

Blueprint provides an all-inclusive, step by step solution for companies to expand beyond their HQ. We provide the plan and support to grow your new office from day one by providing office space, hiring, HR, Legal, IT, and more. Unlike site consultants, we aim to help you lay the complete foundation needed for sustainable growth and strengthening your core.

What We Believe

Achieving sustainable growth is challenging. Tech companies concentrated in expensive and talent-constrained hubs struggle to move beyond a focus of short-term goals. We believe companies become stronger and more viable through regional expansion. Doing this exceptionally well is critical. This is Blueprint's charter.

Who We Are

Blueprint’s founders have decades of collective technology leadership experience. We have seen first-hand the challenges of being constrained by local tech markets. We conceived Blueprint and the idea for a business purpose-built to make it easier for tech companies to grow regionally at earlier phases in their journeys.

Where We Are Based

Blueprint is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee with an office in San Francisco, CA. We currently provide solutions coverage across Middle Tennessee, Knoxville, and Chattanooga.

Diversity & Inclusion

Blueprint’s commitment to diversity and culture runs deep.  Put simply, our founding team believes that companies cannot achieve greatness without proactive process in place to mitigate all forms of bias and find the best people irrespective of background or gender.  


Companies with regional offices – closer to their customers and to prospective talent to serve those customers – operate more sustainably by mitigating the need for extraneous travel from their tech hubs.  We aspire to contribute to the revitalization of the urban centers where we operate – Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville – and support their commitments to sustainable practice for all of us.  We choose facilities with these principles in mind and work closely with our clients to encourage adoption and sharing with their employees.  

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